About The Crew

The Captain

Jarred Davidson

Residing from San Diego, California, Captain Jarred has spent his entire life both in and around the ocean. Fishing for fun his entire life, he decided to pursue it as a career when he was 18 years old and began working on Sportfishing boats out of San Diego slowly climbing the ladder to captain.

In between Sportfishing seasons, he spent his time traveling the world to fish and photograph, building small businesses as well as working on various yachts and boats worldwide.

His maritime experience extends beyond fishing and includes working on tug boats, maritime construction and contract work for space x and US military operations. This experience has formed a lifetime knowledge for Jarred and when you sail with him you will always be in safe hands.

Jarred has been the captain of Tigress for over 3 years now and oversees everything on the vessel from maintenance, business, crew and logistics. He takes pride in his work and does everything he can to keep the Tigress in perfect order. Not only will Jarred be driving the yacht, he will make sure everyone is having the best time possible. During trips you will find him doing everything from helping the chef in the galley, making drinks at the bar, catching fish, doing water activities with the guests and even taking out the trash! He believes running a yacht is a team operation and doesn't have a problem stepping up to do the dirty work. 

When you are onboard, Jarred keeps a very easy going attitude and treats all the guests as friends. He believes he was born for this line of work, and loves to entertain, so don't be upset if he steals the show! If you bring children onboard, Jarred will ensure they will develop lifelong memories and be talking about the trip to all their friends and family for years to come.

Make sure to join him in the wheelhouse for stories of his travels and to learn all types of things ocean related. If you are lucky, he may even let you drive the yacht!